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shell account is a user account on a remote server, traditionally running under the Unix operating system, which gives access to ashell via a command-line interface protocol such as telnet or SSH.

Shell providers are often found to offer shell accounts at low-cost or free. These shell accounts generally provide users with access to various software and services including compilersIRC clientsbackground processesFTPtext editors (such as nano) and email clients(such as pine).[5][6] Some shell providers may also allow tunneling of traffic to bypass corporate firewalls.


SITECH – Sakunthala InfoTECH provides free shell accounts and web hosting. We do not have a service level agreement or guaranteed uptime. What we do offer is a shell that is not restricted (as much as possible) and offers the tools you want there!

…or something like this:

Our mission is to provide remotely accessible computing facilities for

the advancement of public education, cultural enrichment, scientific
research and recreation. Members can interact electronically with each
other regardless of their location using passive or interactive forums.
Further purposes include the recreational exchange of information
concerning the Liberal and Fine Arts.

Members have UNIX shell access to games, email, usenet, chat, bboard,
webspace, gopherspace, programming utilities, archivers, browsers, and
more. The Free Linux Console community is made up of caring, highly skilled people who operate behind the scenes to maintain a non-commercial INTERNET.

For information about membership levels, click on ‘join’ above. 

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